Forward Head Posture Fix Review: The One Stop Remedy to Taking Care Of ‘Text Neck’ Forever? (Part 1)

When I came across the Forward Head Posture Fix program, the brand-new epidemic of forward head posture is something that I mention a lot on this website so my interest peaked.

The program outlines a routine of easy movements that makes use of an unique ‘Consecutive Circulation’ method that claims will certainly repair your forward head stance without fail.

What’s even more fascinating is that the program declares that all the suggestions you have actually ever before listened to on fixing ahead head position is wrong.

After checking out the sales page I could not desire however aid to see what the Forward Head Posture Fix program was everything about and also what the secret sauce really was.

, if you have actually been browsing and also looking into reviews looking into and also forward head posture fix review you’ll ahead come pose repair which are of little throughoutTestimonials


For the most part, I don’t believe individuals assessing have actually also utilized the item. I decided the only means I was going to get a true sight of the program was if I bought it for myself. So I counted my savings as well as fortunately I did have the $9 to acquire it.

If you have an interest in this program as well as presently pussyfooting about making the purchase, then this blog post ought to be of rate of interest to you.

In this message, I’ll lay out what the program is, just how it works, in addition to my own ideas regarding the product and also information.

Another thing to note is that I am not a health professional or expert, this is simply my very own modest viewpoint of the Forward Head Posture Fix program.

What Is the Forward Head Posture Fix Program?

In short, the Forward Head Posture Fix is a short overview which is designed to show you how to repair onward head position.

The developer, Mike Westerdal, a national best-selling health and fitness writer has coordinated with Rick Kaselj (a leading kinesiologist and injury professional) to present their special formula that ‘unravels’ the neck muscles and also ‘improves position and also removes awful texting neck nearly instantly’.

The makers mention that the majority of info on just how to take care of ahead head position is flawed as it’s based on the principle of static extending which can only supply short-term alleviation.

They further postulate that online ‘specialists’ have actually been all wrong due to the fact that it’s not concerning the stretches and also activities, yet it’s the order that these are executed that matter. This is what they call the Consecutive Flow Approach.

This unique unravelling strategy includes:

Muscular Tissue Re-Education Drills
Breathing Exercises
Mobility Exercises
Deep Cervical Flexors training
Fixed Stretching
Postural Conditioning

The Forward Head Posture Fix assembles all these methods right into an 11 step series that will enhance stance in less than 15 mins a day.

The Forward Head Posture Fix Plan & Deal

The Forward Head Posture Fix plan consists of:

A Handbook which teaches the essentials of forward head stance and information the basic process of fixing it.
A DVD video showing how to perform the routine with appropriate kind. Once you have actually found out the appropriate type, you can utilize one more video clip to follow along to as you begin to include the exercises to your day-to-day routine. The third component of the series is a video clip revealing approaches to make the exercises much easier or harder relying on your choices.

With every purchase you’ll obtain a collection of benefits:

Lower Back Pain Way Of Living Audit DVD
10 Ideal Natural Rest Solutions Overview

The bundle costs $50 yet is available for $9 if you acquire prior to the timer expires.

My Experience: Making the Acquisition

I had no real issues or bother with buying the product.

The Forward Head Posture Fix program is sold on the Clickbank Market which is a trusted organisation. Any type of settlements or credit card details are handled by Clickbank and also not the item creators so you should not worry about obtaining scammed or your information obtaining stolen.

If there is one problem with acquiring the product, it’s the consistent marketing and upsells you’ll need to go via to get to your final product.

Expect that when your repayment is approved, you’ll be pestered with several possibilities to buy other products from the makers in a series of turn up screens. If you do manage to stay calm and not throw your computer out the window during this duration, eventually, you will at some point get to the program products.

The Program Materials

In spite of the web page defining the materials as a DVD, and a Handbook, these aren’t actual physical duplicates. Instead, the program is on the internet so you do not need to get anything provided and can make use of the products as soon as possible.

You will certainly end up at a download web page where you can download all your purchases when you get past the lots of marketing messages I simply pointed out.

There is a link to download and install the Forward Head Posture Fix guidebook which comes in PDF layout.

Below this download link are the mentoring video clips embedded right into the same page. You can either enjoy the video clips on the download web page or download and install the videos by clicking a switch on the video player.

The video clips on that page include:

A mentoring training video which shows Rick teaching you exactly how to do the moves. Video clip size is 34 mins.
A 12 minute comply with along video clip that you can use each day.
2 other video clips with exercise swaps if you wish to alter a few of the activities in the regimen. These video clips are each around 20 minutes long.

Bonus offers also available on the download page include:

2 Lower Back Pain Way of life Audit videos of around 10 minutes each.
The 10 Best Natural Rest Solutions Manual PDF which is 37 pages long.

How I Discovered the Forward Head Posture Fix

Around a week ago I wrote an item review on a program called Unlock Your Hip Flexors. If you have not read about it in the past, it’s a program that educates a special method to extend one of the hip flexor muscular tissues (the PSOAS) that unleashes a variety of incredible benefits.

It was the surge in appeal of the Unlock Your Hip Flexors product that advised me to buy it and also see what all the buzz was all about.

Whilst assessing that item, I saw that the developers, Essential Bench, had actually likewise launched one more program which embraces the very same special ‘Sequential Circulation Technique’ to unlock a foolproof method to repairing onward head stance. This program is, naturally, the Forward Head Posture Fix.

The Benefits Declared in the Forward Head Posture Fix: Truth or Fiction?

From the beginning, I’ll state that I have no problem with the advantages they point out pertaining to fixing forward head posture.

This is fairly unlike their previous item Unlock Your Hip Flexors which made claims that appeared instead unrealistic as well as sometimes unusual.

The creators cite that several of the benefits of fixing forward head pose include far better look, breathing, hormonal agent guideline and also energy levels. I am with them on the suggestions that fixing onward head stance brings an entire host of advantages, a few of which surpass scientific realities such as enhancing self-confidence as well as state of mind.

Additionally, they specify ahead head stance is becoming much more common in today’s society as a result of all the looking and also sitting at screens we are doing these days. They advise us that it’s come to be so typical that forward head posture caused by technology is commonly known as ‘text neck’ which the notorious Dowagers Hump once related to old women, is now common among young people of both sexes.

Like, I concur that if you have forward head position, it ought to be your top priority to resolve the issue right now.