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Autoderm in Los Angeles, CA


Autoderm was exclusively developed by board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Jamie S. Schwartz, M.D., F.A.C.S. to provide breast-reconstruction patients with an extremely safe and effective alternative to acellular dermal matrix (ADM).

What is Autoderm?

Dr. Schwartz created Autoderm to meet the needs of breast reconstruction patients. It is an extremely safe and effective alternative to acellular dermal matrix (ADM) (Alloderm, FlexHD) for breast reconstruction. As the patient’s own skin is used, the graft quickly adheres to the existing tissue. Tissue expansion is accomplished with a saline implant, which may be left in permanently or swapped out to a softer silicone implant. The expansion is generally fast, and holds a smaller incidence of complications than procedures using an acellular dermal matrix.

The patient may schedule a second operation to exchange for a permanent silicone implant quickly in some circumstances. This is advantageous to those women who will require radiation or chemotherapy (which normally begins about eight weeks post-op).

Patients also have the choice of leaving the saline implant and just removing the port, which may be done during an in-office visit. This procedure minimizes pain, and the chance of implant movement, and furthermore, the only scar is typically “hidden” at the bottom of your breast crease and not across the breast itself.  Furthermore, if there are complications, Dr. Schwartz can still use your local muscle rather than a distant flap.

Benefits of Autoderm

Autoderm utilizes an adjustable saline implant that can be placed during the initial surgery and expanded over a period of time. This allows for a less painful process and also delimits the possibility of animation deformity, which is when an implant moves while flexing the chest muscles. Since Dr. Schwartz only uses the skin, which is numb from the mastectomy, he is able to expand a lot more rapidly than other approaches. Sometimes he is able to put in the permanent silicone implant prior to other treatments.

Is Autoderm Right For Me?

Autoderm utilizes a patient’s own skin to reconstruct the breast. Due to this fact, the patient will need to have excess skin around the breast to be a successful Autoderm candidate.The procedure works well for women who will require radiation after their mastectomy, as well. The best way to find out if Autoderm is right for you is to schedule your consultation with world-renowned breast reconstruction expert, Dr. Jaime Schwartz.

Why Choose Dr. Schwartz For Your Breast Reconstruction?

Dr. Schwartz has over 10 years of experience performing plastic and reconstructive procedures. He has assisted hundreds of woman through their breast reconstruction after a mastectomy. Dr. Schwartz’ use of Autoderm ensures patients will receive the safest and most aesthetically pleasing breast reconstruction available today.

How Much Does an Autoderm Procedure Cost?

Your cost for the procedure will vary based on your personal needs, aspirations and safety considerations. During your consultation, Dr. Schwartz will discuss your options and together you will come up with a plan of treatment that is appropriate for you. Dr. Schwartz accepts all forms of payment and offers excellent financing options to make more procedures available to more patients.

What Should I Do Next?

You want to look like yourself, only better, so contact us now to set up your consultation with Dr. Schwartz, inventor of Autoderm and a Real Self Top 100 “Top Plastic Surgeon” and Southern California 2016 Super Doctors “Rising Stars” who is always at heart a plastic surgeon who loves his job and is grateful to be able to improve the lives of his patients. We are dedicated to educating our patients so that they feel empowered to participate in their own care, and Dr. Schwartz will really make you feel safe and confident about your decision to go forward with your procedure.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Jamie S. Schwartz, M.D., F.A.C.S., at Beverly Hills Breast and Body Institute, offers safe and effective Autoderm procedures to the residents of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and surrounding cities in California. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.