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Breast Reconstruction in Los Angeles, CA

For a natural-looking breast reconstruction you can count on 2015 RealSelf 100 “Top Plastic Surgeon” and board-certified plastic surgeon Jaime S. Schwartz, M.D., F.A.C.S., who frequently has patients fly in from around the country and around the world with complex cases where his breast reconstruction work is able to result in a beautifully restored breast shape. Breast reconstruction performed at Beverly Hills Breast and Body Institute could be the perfect solution for all Beverly Hills and Los Angeles residents, as well as women from around the globe who want to look their best with beautifully reconstructed breasts.

What is Breast Reconstruction?

Focusing on breast cancer and breast reconstruction, Dr. Schwartz began his career at Georgetown University Hospital and no matter whether the issue is a lumpectomy or a complete mastectomy; Dr. Schwartz is a sought after plastic surgeon for a reason. By changing your physical image, you also change yourself, your personality and your behavior, which is why Dr. Schwartz finds being an internationally recognized breast reconstruction expert so rewarding. Many of Dr. Schwartz’s patients comment on the precise and expertise he delivers during breast reconstruction surgery, providing exceptional results.

Benefits of Breast Reconstruction

Restoring your quality of life is the main benefit of breast reconstruction, which is why so many patients seek out the internationally-renowned expertise of Dr. Schwartz, who is a plastic surgery standard setter and has been honored to be asked by international organizations to develop protocols and guidelines for breast reconstruction so that proper practices can be instituted and standardized worldwide. Dr. Schwartz is very personable and professional with each of his patients, as well as amazingly intuitive as to how your desires and goals can be met through the craft of his surgery. Schedule your consultation now and learn more about how breast reconstruction with Dr. Schwartz can help you.

Is Breast Reconstruction Right For Me?

A breast reconstruction procedure from Beverly Hills Breast and Body Institute will help you look your best. A breast reconstruction from Beverly Hills Breast and Body Institute is sometimes the last stop on a journey that for some patients has involved undergoing as many as a dozen or more previous breast reconstruction surgeries that turned out unsuccessfully, but who now have travelled halfway across the country or across the world to enjoy our concierge-level treatment services and to put an end to a cycle of unsuccessful surgeries. Where no other doctor could ever get it right, Dr. Schwartz can get it right. Do you have questions about which procedure is best for you? Contact us now to schedule a consultation with Dr. Schwartz!

Elements of a Breast Reconstruction

Because he knows that each patient is different, during your consultation Dr. Schwartz will evaluate your reconstruction issues and suggest a strategy for moving forward. Oftentimes, Dr. Schwartz’s patients have received a one-stage breast reconstruction and shaped silicone implants for immediate direct-to-implant reconstruction for mastectomy patients. The few ways to fix this are to use fat grafting, to place larger implants or to tighten the skin. During your consultation, Dr. Schwartz will share his expertise and take the time to listen to you and answer your questions. Contact us now to set up your consultation and learn more about our range of breast reconstruction offerings, including:

What Is a Breast Reconstruction Procedure?

You will see after your procedure that the improvement of your appearance is truly a gift that you gave to yourself. You can see some of the miraculous transformations made by Dr. Schwartz by taking a glance through our before and after pictures. Dr. Schwartz often transforms patients with a bilateral two-stage breast reconstruction with a breast lift and gummy bear implants. He also helps patients with severe constriction of one breast and attendant asymmetry that desire fuller breasts. So no matter what your specific needs are, Dr. Schwartz will be able to help you even in those cases where other doctors have been unsuccessful.

How Long Is The Recovery After Breast Reconstruction?

Your recovery duration will depend on the specific nature of your breast reconstruction, but we supply a 24/7 recuperative facility with on-site nursing and concierge-level service for out of town patients. You can always count on the best and most attentive postoperative care from Dr. Schwartz and his phenomenal team. Your reconstruction journey doesn’t end just in recovery; for Dr. Schwartz, it is an ongoing commitment to be a supporter for advocacy work, evidence-based research, breast reconstruction and helping cancer patients live fuller, more robust lives.

What Is The Difference Between A One-Stage And Two-Stage Breast Reconstruction Procedure?

A one-stage reconstruction procedure allows the plastic surgeon to place an implant at the same time the mastectomy is performed. Many women do not have adequate tissue remaining on the chest to allow for the implant, so a two-step procedure is used to expand the breast cavity.

What Is One-Stage Breast Reconstruction?

Single stage breast reconstruction refers to the placement of an implant during the mastectomy operation.

How Is This Different From Two-Stage Breast Reconstruction?

The two-stage breast reconstruction involves the placement of a tissue expander during the mastectomy operation. This will remain in place for several months until the skin has stretched to accommodate a permanent implant. At this point, a second operation will be scheduled.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For One-Stage Breast Reconstruction?

The ideal candidate for one-stage breast reconstruction is a woman with adequate tissue remaining after her mastectomy to accommodate the desired implant. She should be in overall stable health, understand the breast reconstruction process, and have realistic expectations for her results.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Schwartz For My One-Stage Breast Reconstruction?

A renowned plastic surgeon, Dr. Schwartz is known for his innovative techniques in both the one and two-stage breast reconstruction procedures. Dr. Schwartz consistently brings his patients an unmatched level of safety and satisfaction during their reconstruction process.

Who Is The Ideal Candidate For Two-Stage Breast Reconstruction?

Any woman who has lost a breast may find the two-stage breast reduction can be very successful at achieving their goals. The ideal candidate will be in generally good health, understand the breast reconstruction process, and have realistic expectations for her surgical results.

What Is A Tissue Expander?

A breast tissue expander is an inflatable breast implant. The expander is placed after a mastectomy, and then slowly filled with saline solution, stretching the tissues to make room for a permanent implant.

How Can A Tissue Expander Assist In My Breast Reconstruction?

After your mastectomy, the skin and muscle that remain may not accommodate the placement of a breast implant. The tissue expander will slowly stretch this skin and muscle, allowing it to hold the desired size implant.

How Is The Tissue Expander Procedure Performed?

The tissue expander may be placed during the mastectomy procedure, or it may be part of a delayed reconstruction process. By making a small incision within the breast tissue, Dr. Schwartz will be able to carefully place the unfilled expander. Once in place, dissolvable sutures will be used to close the incision. The expander will then be slowly filled with a salt-water solution, through a tiny port on the side of the breast. After the desired size breast pocket has been reached, the expander will be exchanged with a permanent breast implant.

What Can I Expect From The Recovery Period, After My Tissue Expander Is Placed?

Depending on the exact procedure performed, the recovery process after the placement of a tissue expander can take from two to four weeks.

Is The Tissue Expander Painful?

While the tissue expander does not cause pain, there is mild discomfort each time it is filled. While patients report pressure or tightness in the breast area, these sensations will only last for a couple of days.

When Can I Return To Normal Activities, After My Expander Is Filled?

Women are generally able to return to light activities and work the same afternoon as their expander is filled.

How Much Does a Breast Reconstruction Cost?

You want to do breast reconstruction right the first time, so choose the experts, choose Beverly Hills Breast and Body Institute, the best way for you to obtain the best possible breast reconstruction result. The atmosphere and environment at Beverly Hills Breast and Body Institute is not only professional but also soothing and comfortable, helping to put you at ease. The staff at Beverly Hills Breast and Body Institute is amazing and interacts with patients like they are friends, so you will feel like you’re an extended part of the family. Our state-of-the-art operating rooms come with all of the equipment you would find in a normal hospital setting. And your cost of the procedure will vary based on your personal needs, aspirations and safety considerations. During your breast reconstruction consultation Dr. Schwartz will discuss your options and together you will come up with a plan of treatment that is appropriate for you. Dr. Schwartz accepts all forms of payment and offers excellent financing options to make more procedures available to more patients.

What Should I Do Next?

You want to look like yourself, only better, and breast reconstruction with Dr. Schwartz can help. Contact us now to set up your consultation with Dr. Schwartz, a RealSelf Top 100 “Top Plastic Surgeon” and Southern California 2016 Super Doctors “Rising Stars” who is a plastic surgeon that loves his job and is grateful to be able to improve the lives of his patients. We are dedicated to educating our patients so that they feel empowered to participate in their own care, and Dr. Schwartz will make you feel safe and confident about your decision to go forward with your procedure.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Jaime S. Schwartz, M.D., F.A.C.S., at Beverly Hills Breast and Body Institute, offers safe and effective breast reconstruction procedures to the residents of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and surrounding cities in California. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation.