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Traditional techniques will not produce the refined, and sculpted appearance women want for their breast lifts. Board-certified plastic surgeon Jaime S. Schwartz, MD, FACS, caters to the needs of these patients by performing an innovative technique, known as LipoLift®. For the procedure, Dr. Schwartz uses liposuction to precisely reshape, lift and reduce the breasts to achieve results that are superior to traditional breast lift techniques.

What is a LipoLift®?

LipoLift®, the innovative technique developed by Dr. Schwartz, is a type of breast reshaping that involves removing excess fat from the areas around the breast. A traditional breast reduction and some forms of breast lift involve opening the breast to directly excise breast tissue and fat in order to create a smaller, more lifted breast. While generally, a traditional breast reduction can give you excellent results, this technique can increase the risk of healing issues and nipple sensation, as it may compromise some of the blood and nerve supply feeding the nipple and areolar complex, as well as the skin. Dr. Schwartz has developed a more refined technique for performing a reduction mastopexy (breast reduction and lift) by using liposuction to remove breast tissue and fat with minimal trauma to the blood supply. With this technique, Dr. Schwartz is able to offer patients improved contouring of the breasts by targeting the “excess areas” such as the part of the breast that that falls over into the armpit. Additionally, patient receiving the LipoLift® surgery do not require drains and may have less recovery time

What are the Benefits of LipoLift®?

Compared to traditional breast lift techniques, LipoLift® offers:

  • Fat removal around the breast
  • Reduced risk of complications, including reduced nipple sensation
  • Superior results for achieving a natural contour, shape and breast position
  • Less tissue trauma for shorter healing time and reduced post-operative symptoms

Who is a Candidate for LipoLift®?

Women and men in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and other areas in southern California know Dr. Schwartz for his stellar reputation of performing precision plastic and reconstructive surgery while improving patient satisfaction. LipoLift® is one of the many contributions that he has made to breast aesthetics. If you are considering a breast lift, you should consider the plastic surgeon, procedure, and technique. Dr. Schwartz developed the LipoLift® technique because he has met with women who experience reduced nipple sensation after breast lift surgery. He has also spoken with women who are not completely satisfied with the shape of their breasts because excess fat around the breast was not removed. LipoLift® removes excess fat to reshape and lift the breasts without affecting the nipples, so you will not lose sensation.

As always, though, the best way to assess your breast aesthetic needs and provide true advice is to meet with Dr. Schwartz for a consultation and personal breast aesthetic examination.

How Much Does a LipoLift® Cost?

During your LipoLift® consultation, Dr. Schwartz will discuss your options and work with you to develop a plan of treatment. Once we have the surgical plan, we will provide a cost of your LipoLift® procedure. We accept all forms of payment, and we offer excellent financing options.

Contact us today to set up your LipoLift® consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Jaime S. Schwartz, M.D., F.A.C.S., who offers safe and effective breast transformations through LipoLift® to the residents of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and the surrounding cities in California. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.