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Rapid Recovery™

Rapid Recovery™

Thanks to Rapid Recovery™ most of our patients are able to go out to dinner the next night after their breast and body surgery. How is this possible?

What is Rapid Recovery™

Rapid Recovery™ is a combination of techniques Dr. Jaime Schwartz uses to accelerate the recovery process after surgery.

TIVA (Total Intravenous Anesthesia)

Rapid Recovery™ uses a gentler form of general anesthesia called TIVA, or total intravenous anesthesia. Before your procedure, you will be given an IV with medication that will put you in an adequate state of anesthesia without a breathing tube or anesthetic gases. You are essentially asleep for the duration of the procedure, but breathing on your own.

Faster & Smoother Recovery

Unlike the breathable gases typically used in general anesthesia, TIVA medications wear off quickly and are usually out of the body in a few hours. You are less likely to feel nauseous after your procedure; in fact, the IV medication has an anti-nausea effect. This results in a shorter time in the recovery room. With TIVA, we see patients standing up after surgery, talking, and walking around. Most people can go out to dinner the next night!

Less Discomfort

Another component of Rapid Recovery™ may include minimizing the discomfort of surgery with long acting medications. Dr. Schwartz may inject BOTOX® into the muscles of the chest prior to surgery, and use EXPAREL® (a long-acting local anesthetic) placed into the muscles during surgery.

We do not prescribe opioids. Most of our patients take only TYLENOL® after their breast augmentation procedure. After surgery, most patients can return to work after one week, and you may be able to resume some exercise after four weeks and full exercise at six weeks.

At the Beverly Hills Breast and Body Institute we pride ourselves on our state of the art protocols to minimize discomfort and ease the process of surgery. You will have the support from Dr. Schwartz’s nurses and team, which will be available to you 24/7 after your procedure.

Can Rapid Recovery™ be used for Any Procedure?

Many of the signature procedures Dr. Schwartz offers are Rapid Recovery™ including breast augmentation, LipoLift®, body contouring, transgender top surgery, and facial rejuvenation.

As you and Dr. Schwartz develop your plan of treatment together, he will give you precise information on what to expect in terms of your recovery. Contact us today to schedule your personalized consultation with Dr. Schwartz.